Cat Health Resources

Below are websites that provide some great information about cat ownership.  We will add and update this page as we find other helpful sites that you might enjoy.

Cat Friendly Homes

Cat Friendly Homes is dedicated to cat caregivers who want to provide the very best care for their cat. Powered by feline veterinarians, Cat Friendly Homes provides you with credible and trustworthy information on a variety of feline topics. The American Association of Feline Practitioners created this resource to help you learn more about your cat’s natural behaviors, the importance of routine veterinary care, and providing care of your cat, as well as answer many common questions.

Cornell Feline Health Center

The Cornell Feline Health Center is dedicated to improving the welfare of all cats by supporting research on diseases and conditions that affect cats and by providing information to owners, breeders, and veterinary professionals worldwide.

Winn Feline Foundation

Winn Feline Foundation supplies cat health information from experts, including the results of grants for Winn-funded cat health studies. Remember, your family veterinarian is always your best source for information on your own cat’s health.

AVMA Resources for Pet Owners

The American Veterinary Medical Association can help you educate yourself on proper pet care, first aid, and pet health concerns. They also provide advice on how you can partner with your veterinarian to improve your pet’s health and quality of life.

International Cat Care

International Cat Care is a charity founded in 1958 by a small group of very passionate cat lovers, who were compelled to do something about the dismal amount of information available regarding cat health and welfare.

The Ohio State University Guide for Cat Owners

The Ohio State University’s Guide for Cat Owners’ goal is to help you and your cats have the best life together you possibly can.

The Cat Fanciers’ Association

The Cat Fanciers’ Association was established in the United States in 1906. The CFA is a prestigious association that currently hosts the world’s largest registry of pedigreed cats.