Boarding Agreement

Completing this form does not indicate an approved or confirmed boarding request. Please call our office to make a boarding reservation. Boarding services are provided for our regular patients only. If you would like to become an established client at the Cat Hospital to benefit from our services such as boarding and grooming, we will gladly assist you with getting your cat scheduled for an examination by our veterinarians. 

Please note cats may only be dropped off and picked up during normal business hours.

Cats requiring medication will be charged an additional $2.00 per day.

Upper respiratory viruses may spread from cat to cat through the air. Even healthy cats may serve as carriers. For this reason, we require boarders to be current on vaccinations for the upper respiratory diseases. Vaccinated cats may still get mild disease. Rabies vaccination is required by Indiana state law.

Your cat will be checked for fleas upon admission and discharge. If fleas are found, we will treat your cat with Revolution at owner’s expense. Please inform staff if your cat is currently on a flea control program.


Have You Brought Any of the Following With You?

Will your cat require any medications when boarding?

In an Emergency Situation, please treat my cat as necessary:

Do you Agree to Terms of the Boarding Agreement?